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  1. How much baggage am I allowed to take with me?

    On our scheduled service, our baggage allowance is 25 lbs per paying passenger. An additional fee will be charged for any excess baggage. Our chartered flights allow for more flexibility with an unlimited baggage allowance depending on the aircraft selected. If you do anticipate needing baggage allowance more than what you have been designated, please let us know prior to your flight

  2. Can I send packages with Van City Seaplanes?

    Yes, on our scheduled service, or on charter flights as available, our freight rates are as follows:

    • envelopes are a $25 fee + HST
    • packages 0 - 20 lbs are $50 + HST
    • 20 to 45lbs is half seat rate applies
    • over 45 lbs a full seat rate applies

  3. Do children fly free?

    On our scheduled service, the following applies:

    • Infants under 2 years are half price
    • Children over the age of two are regular fare

  4. Where do I leave my vehicle when flying with Van City Seaplanes?

    You may park your vehicle at pay parking lots located nearby to all seaplane pickup locations. Rates will apply depending on location and parking management.

  5. Is there a shuttle bus that I can catch to Vancouver International Airport?

    Yes, the Vancouver International Airport operates a shuttle service from the South Terminal to the North Terminal and vice versa. If you are planning to take a courtesy airport shuttle, plan on a short walk from the seaplane dock to the terminal. Our pilots will always be available to call taxi cabs as required. The location of the public dock at Vancouver International Airport is at 4640 Inglis Drive, Richmond. Just to the west of the Flying Beaver Bar and Grill on the middle arm of the Fraser River.

  6. Do I have to make an advance booking with you, or can I just show up for a flight?

    We require advance bookings as our schedule usually does not permit last minute drop ins. Most flights are prebooked so call ahead of time or check with us for availability.

  7. What is the cancellation policy?

    Changes and Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to departure and must be made by calling Reservations at 1-604-716-0536. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable for cancellations and changes within the 24 hours of your flight time. Customers who do not show up for their flight will forfeit the fare paid. For more detailed information about our cancellation policy, please see our expanded cancellation policy here:

  8. Do your seaplanes fly 24 hours a day?

    No. Seaplanes are only capable of flying during daylight hours, which is why our scheduled flight hours vary as the daylight hours vary.

  9. When I arrive at my point of departure, who do I check in with?

    Because Van City Seaplanes operates from my different facilities and locations, please be patient and wait for your Pilot to come and find you. If you are waiting at a seaplane dock, you are likely in the right place. Please have your cellular telephone on hand so that a Van City Seaplanes representative can get hold of you regarding your flight.

  10. What is the single passenger policy?

  11. By accepting Single Passenger Terms and Conditions, you accept that flights will not be offered when only one fare is collected. It is not economically viable for Van City Seaplanes to offer flights where only one passenger fare is collected. For that reason, you as the customer have the option to pay for the minimum two fares for the Cessna Aircraft or the minimum of five fares to operate the Beaver aircraft. Or you as the customer can agree to be flexible on time, date etc to allow for Van City Seaplanes personnel to arrange additional passengers to fly with you to the same destination or alternate destinations close by.

    These terms and conditions represent an attempt by Van City Seaplanes to offer lowest cost Seaplane travel possible for you the customer. We appreciate your business and your choice to travel with us.