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The carrier will refuse to transport or will remove at any point a passenger:

  • When such action is necessary for reasons of safety.
  • When such action is necessary to prevent violation of any applicable law, regulation or order of any country or possession to be flown over.
  • To comply with any governmental request for emergency transportation in connection with national defense.
  • Whenever such action is necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond its control (including but without limitation, acts of God, "force majeure", strikes, civil commotions, embargoes, wares, hostilities, or disturbances) actual, threatened, or  reported.
  • Whose status age, mental, or physical condition is such as to:
    • Render him/her incapable of caring for him/herself without assistance, unless he/she is accompanied by an attendant, who will be responsible for caring for him/her enroute, and with the care of such attendant, he/she will not require unreasonable attention or  assistance from employees of the carrier.
    • Make such refusal or removal necessary for the reasonable safety or comfort of other passenger(s).
    • Involve any unusual hazard or risk to him/her or to other persons (including, in cases of pregnant passengers, unborn children) or to property.

The carrier is not liable for its refusal to transport any passenger or for its removal of any passenger in accordance with the preceding paragraphs of this rule, but will, at the request of the passenger, refund in accordance with official rules.