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Check-In Time
To assist you with on-time departures, passengers should check in at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Failure to check in 15 minutes before departure time may result in cancellation of your entire reservation. Passengers arriving at the departure location less than 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure may be denied boarding.


We recommend that you carry your Flight Itinerary with you during your trip as it contains many important details pertaining to your flight including contact phone numbers for Van City Seaplanes.

Photo ID

For security requirements, please ensure that you have a form of government issued Photo ID with you for checking in to your flights. Some accepted forms of valid government issued photo ID and non-photo ID are:

  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Military ID
  • Police ID
  • SIN Card
  • Old Age Security ID card
  • Certificate of Indian status

If you require extra assistance in boarding please let Van City Seaplanes know about your needs when you check-in for your flight if you have not already done so during the booking process. Pre-boarding is provided for guests traveling with small children and for guests requiring some extra assistance.

You are allowed to check in baggage with weight of 25lbs. Baggage above the normally accepted limit may be accepted subject to aircraft weight and space availability. Extra charges will apply at a rate of $3.00 per pound above 25lbs with a limit of 45lbs if the weight is availble in the aircraft. Should your baggage exceed 45 lbs, you will be required to purchase an additional "Baggage Seat". A Bagage Seat is purchased at the price of a single fare and may accomodate upto a maximum of 100 lbs additional baggage.  For more information please ask about conditions for additional baggage. To view a list of what you can and can't take on your flight, please visit our Environmental/Dangerous Goods section. Should you have any questions or concerns  that are not covered here, please feel free to e-mail Van City Seaplanes at . Please note: regulations are subject to change.

Carry-on Baggage
Due to Ministry of Transportation safety requirements and the size of aircraft Van City Seaplanes operates, carry-on baggage is limited to what will safely fit in the baggage area. A reminder that all carry on baggage is subject to security restrictions, prohibited items, and must be available to flight crew for inspection upon request.

Transport of Animals
Van City Seaplanes will be happy to transport your pet. Soft sided pet totes are recommended for small and medium pets. Larger pets may require the purchase of a seat on the flight to have available space. Charges for pets will apply. For larger pets, it is expected that a suitable blanket or towels will be brought with your pet for them to sit on.

Dangerous Goods
Van City Seaplanes does not transport dangerous goods.

Van City Seaplanes has cargo flights available on our aircraft as well as "Space Available" cargo for your transportation needs. Prices start at $10 and increase as size and weight increase.

Passengers requiring oxygen
Within Canada, Van City Seaplanes will permit a maximum of two oxygen apparatus per passenger aboard the aircraft. A maximum of two passengers requiring oxygen are permitted per flight. Documentation: Passengers travelling with oxygen must have a doctor's certificate stating they are acceptable for travel. Van City Seaplanes also recommends that you bring any other documents related to type of cylinder you are bringing (e.g. flow rate, P.S.I., and capacity). Oxygen acceptance: Only gaseous oxygen is permitted. Van City Seaplanes will not accept liquid oxygen. Oxygen may not be checked as luggage under any circumstances. Van City Seaplanes will not supply oxygen; Passengers must make their own arrangements to obtain oxygen. Cylinder requirements: Oxygen cylinders may  not exceed 40.6 cm (16 in) in length and 7 kgs (15 lbs) in weight. Van City Seaplanes will accept 'D' or 'M-6' size oxygen cylinders only. The flow rate must not exceed 4 L/min.

Pregnant passengers

A woman in any stage of pregnancy is welcome to fly. Women past 32 weeks must consult a physician and obtain a written confirmation stating they are acceptable for travel and to ensure that the seatbelt will not cause injury to the unborn child.

Passengers Traveling with an infant
Passengers under the age of 2 yrs old travel for half price. Children 2yrs and over pay regular fare. Those traveling with children under the age of 2 will be required to hold the child on their lap during the flight. If additional seating is available it may be arranged at flight time with the pilot.

Unaccompanied Minors
Van City Seaplanes does accept unaccompanied minors. Children who are travelling unaccompanied must have signed permission from a parent and detailed contact information of the family member who is picking up the unaccompanied minor upon arrival. Persons picking up the unaccompanied minor are required to contact Van City Seaplanes from the arrival location prior to the unaccompanied minor boarding the flight. Due to the sensitive nature of children flying on their own, Van City Seaplanes would like to ensure the smoothest travel for them as possible including on time drop offs and pick ups.

Passengers bringing medications onboard
Passengers should take any prescribed medication onboard with them. Representatives of Van City Seaplanes are not permitted to administer or give out any type of medication. Passengers who may require medication during flight and are unable to administer it themselves will be required to travel with an attendant.

Passengers who require syringes for medical circumstances and will be transporting these items in their carry-on luggage are recommended to also bring the medication which needs to be administered by a syringe. The medication needs to be in a container with the name of the medication and the name of either the pharmacy which dispensed the medication, or the manufacturer of the medication.

Visually impaired passengers
Visually impaired passengers are welcome on flights with or without a service animal, and will be pre-boarded.

Hearing impaired passengers
Hearing impaired passengers are welcome on flights with or without a service animal, and will be pre-boarded.

Service animals
Service animals will be carried in the cabin of the aircraft, free of charge, when on duty. The animal will be required to travel at the passenger's feet. Van City Seaplanes may request documentation to verify that your animal is indeed a service animal.