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  • All baggage or goods presented for transportation is/are subject to inspection by the carrier.
  • Articles of baggage or goods will not be carried when such articles are likely to endanger the aircraft, persons or property, are likely to be damaged by air carriage, are unsuitably packed, or the carriage of which would violate any applicable Canadian laws, regulations, or orders.
  • If the weight, size or character of baggage or goods renders such baggage or goods unsuitable for carriage on the aircraft, the carrier, prior to departure of the flight, will refuse to carry such baggage or goods or any part thereof. The following articles will be carried  only with prior consent of the carrier:
    • Firearms of any description. Firearms for sport purposes will be carried as baggage provided the passenger possesses the required permit/licence and, provided that such firearms are disassembled or packed in a suitable case. The provisions of this subparagraph do not  apply to Peace Officers' prescribed sidearms or other similar weapons.
    • Explosives, munitions, corrosives and articles which easily ignite.

Checked baggage for any scheduled flight is limited to 25 lbs per passenger. 
A "Baggage Seat" may be purchased for additional baggage to a maximum of 100 lbs.